Creative Commons Photo by Jose M Martin Jiminez, Machinery

Creative Commons Photo by Jose M Martin Jiminez, Machinery

Collaboration and mutual learning, not a solution looking for a problem

ObjectChain Collab is premised on the idea that new technologies such as distributed ID must be open source, and be both based on open standards and anti-monopolistic. In other words, it must belong to no-one and to everyone.

This is why we have brought together some of the world's biggest financial services companies, regulated companies, state bodies, academics and regulators in a collaboration process which will produce ideas open to all. ObjectChain Collab is a genuine exercise in learning, seeking to reach a consensus and meaningful solutions that can be put into action in the near future.

Identity is such a fundamental part of life and commerce that building a perfectly functioning technical model is insufficient to making sovereign ID a reality. It is necessary to explore the legal and regulatory environment that such a system interacts with, as well as the economic model necessary to ensure it is sustainable.

ObjectChain Collab is working for meaningful outcomes that go beyond what new technologies can enable.